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Service by the hour

$85/hr — General maintenance repairs are scheduled by the hour for same-day or drop off service.

Crack repair

Crack work techniques include pinning with threaded steel rod or carbon fiber rod, carbon fiber banding and tone hole replacement depending on the location of the crack. All crack repair costs will be estimated after inspection of the instrument.


Undercutting and overcutting of tone holes, bore polishing, pad height adjustment and selection of materials to help you achieve a truly customized feel for your instrument and way of playing. $85 / hour

Pro Clarinet Overhaul

Includes replacement of all pads (valentino, leather, cork or bladder), joint corks and bumpers. Full oiling and cleaning/polishing of the body and keys as necessary. Sealing and leveling of all tone holes. Balancing of spring action or spring replacement for a crisp feel and proper key fitting to rid the instrument of unnecessary lost motion and excessive noise. Final play testing and adjustments with the client.

  • $600 - $800 for Bb, A and Eb clarinets depending on the condition and age of the clarinet

  • Starting at $1300 for bass clarinets, depending on the condition and age of the bass clarinet


The finest handmade barrels for Bb, A and Eb clarinets available in a variety of woods. Choose from existing stock or have something custom made for you in our shop. Available woods include African blackwood, mopane, cocobolo, rosewood and others. For a list of current woods, please call.

New soprano Clarinet Setup

Tenons are checked and adjusted for proper fit. Most of the original pads are preserved, but a few are replaced to improve response and evenness between notes as needed. Most bumpers are replaced with more durable and reliable materials for more quiet mechanical performance. All key tension is regulated. Final play testing and adjustments.

  • $325 - $450 depending on the clarinet


We will work with you to find the clarinet of your dreams from a variety of sources. Whether you are looking for a new or used instrument, your needs are our first priority.